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Infuse light into your living space with the elegance of an exterior French door by Window World of the Lowcountry.

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French doors are one of the most elegant additions that you can make to your home. This door style is popular because they are allow a large amount of light into a room, almost acting as a window. More reasons to love French doors:

  • Open up a room to the outside
  • Extremely customizable in style
  • Energy-efficient with double-paned glass
  • Multi-point lock system ensures security
  • Give the illusion of additional space
  • Function as windows, allowing for more light
  • Conveniently incorporate outdoor decks & patios into your living space

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*Color options may vary based on package, dimensions and more.

Constructed and Designed for Light

French doors are of light construction, usually installed in pairs, with divided glass panes extending most of their length. They are esteemed for their visual grace and their ability to transmit light between spaces even when closed. Many homeowners are choosing French doors because they add a unique feel of grace to a living or dining room, create an open-air look, and help to better the access between rooms within a home.


A French door is a door that has multiple lites, or pieces of glass that are cut and fit for the full length of the door. French doors made of double-pane glass may have the decorative grill embedded between the panes. The decorative grill may also be superimposed on top of the single pane of glass in the door. Also, French doors can have decorative patterns cut into the glass for an elegant touch.

If you have a beautiful patio or backyard, you certainly want immediate access to this area, and there is no more elegant way to create this passage than with French doors. Learn more about whether Window World French Door installation is the best fit for your home by scheduling a free in-home estimate.

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What is energy efficiency?

Energy-Efficient Doors

Increasing your home’s energy performance has a host of tangible benefits, including lower energy bills and more comfortable interior temperatures. The downside? Nothing.

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Your Questions, Answered

French Doors FAQs

What are the benefits of French doors?

Window World of the Lowcountry’s French Doors are desired for their elegant design and ability to let a large amount of light into a room. They’re popular because they conveniently incorporate outdoor decks & patios into your living space while adding timeless appeal.

How are French doors constructed?

French doors are constructed with multiple lites, or full-length pieces of glass. The decorative grilles that are a trademark of French doors can be embedded in between double-pane glass or, for single-pane doors, placed on top of the glass.

Typically, French doors are installed to open toward the inside of the house with both sides of the door opening as opposed to only one.

Do French doors allow light inside your home?

Yes. Our French doors are coveted for their visual grace and ability to let light into the room even when the door is closed. They give a room an open-air look and improves access between indoors and outdoor spaces.

Their product is well made, their installers were prompt, and professional, and every employee of the company was courteous and helpful. The installers did a thorough clean up before they left after completing the installation. The owners of the company were involved from the very beginning and made follow up calls to answer additional questions that I had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends in need of replacement windows.
Sam D.
This company not only is polite, punctual but they strive to make sure everyone is happy- From the front end to the back they want to make sure you to have a wonderful stress free experience with all your buying needs whether its Windows, Doors or Vinyl Siding. If they cant help you they will try their best to find someone who can or lead you in the right direction. I would recommend Window World of the Low Country to anyone looking to have Windows, Doors or vinyl siding.
Ashley W.
Window World delivered a great product and several years later promptly fixed some broken parts under warranty in a fast, courteous and professional manner.
Conrad F.

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